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General Electric GFC320V Garbage Disposal Review

If you are looking for a powerful and quiet continuous feed garbage, then you must definitely try the General Electric GFC320V 1/3 Horsepower Continuous Feed Disposal.

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It consists of 1/3 horsepower motor which boasts 2500 RPM of dual, jam resistant, stainless steel swivel impellers which promotes easy drainage and impeding disposer clogs.

A special thing about this garbage disposer is that it has a sound insulation package.

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Along with all the amazing features it has is that it is strong and well-built having a grinding chamber of the capacity of 26.52 ounces, 1/3 horsepower, and 120 volts. It is 1-UL listed, and the company provides a one year warranty on the whole appliance.

General Electric GFC320V Garbage Disposal Review

GE GFC320V garbage reduces the size of your food waste and converts it into small particles, and it is also friendly towards the standard sized septic system.

There is a modern sound insulation package which keeps the atmosphere of your kitchen peaceful and quiet.

For using this continuous waste disposal you first have to remove your sink stopper, turn on cold water and turn the unit ON and start eliminating your food waste.

Before you switch off the unit, you must keep the disposal and water running for about 25 seconds even after the grinding and shredding stops so that all the waste matter is completely eliminated.


  • High Power Magnetic Motor: The entire working of the GE GFC320V relies upon the strength of the powerful magnetic motor attached to it. The power of the motor ensures that maximum work is carried out in minimum time consuming the least energy and water too.
  • Grinding Action of 2500 RPM: To let all kinds of food leave the kitchen sink it is important to have a speedy grinding activity. At high speed of 2500 rpm, the GE garbage disposal boss throws out all scrap with the help of the continuous feed capability
  • Direct wire power connection: it comes with the direct-wire power connection that helps in operating the disposal chamber that is appreciated for its large capacity. The sturdy built is also an appreciable element added to it. The user does not have to worry of leakage or breaking due to powerful carbon steel cold-rolled armature shaft, stainless steel sink flange, dishwasher drain connector, and a galvanized steel turntable that gives expanded waste disposal and makes it durable
  • Wall switch added: Comes with a wall-switch along with sink stopper and a removable splash guard for keeping the debris under control
  • Dual level precutter: It consists of two-level precutter and anti-jam grinding blades made up of stainless steel and are dual swivel.
  • Quite impressive performance and power
  • Grinding chamber is made up of galvanized steel
  • The grinding chamber is very spacious
  • There is a power cord alongside the unit, so you do not have to buy it
  • The process of installation is very different as compared to other best garbage disposals
  • The warranty period is very short



General Electric GFC320V is an affordable, powerful and a wonderful garbage disposer for your kitchen. This garbage disposer is not only compact but also strong, and it can be cleaned very easily. It does not produce any kind of vibrations and is capable of handling the peelings of fruits and vegetables, and it grinds and disposes of very effectively. In short, this garbage disposer has a wide range of advantages and features. Thus it is a gift for those who are looking for are a reliable and a powerful garbage disposer for their kitchen.

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