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InSinkErator Badger 5 Garbage Disposal Review

If you are looking for a waste disposer made that is of great quality and made from a great brand then InSinkErator is your best option.

The word InSinkErator Badger 5 ensures the best quality products for the kitchen cleanliness lovers. Created according to the latest American quality standards, InSinkErator is a superb choice.

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Last update was on: 12/04/2021 6:01 PM

The company took up the challenge 75 years ago, and since then they are delivering the quality products for the people all over the globe. In this race of quality, every day is a new day for the InSinkErator creative minds. It is the quality that has made them reliable and trustworthy.

Among the masterpieces from the home of InSinkErators come the most stylish and astounding creation known as Badger 5 garbage disposal unit. Over the last few years, it is one of the most inspiring products that are introduced by best InSinkErator garbage disposal. Badger 5 has not just won the battle of quality, but it has also rendered the services for the kitchen sink that are never enjoyed before.

The list of disposal units by InSinkErator is very extensive, and in this list, the name badger 5 is an imminent entry. It has everything to inspire those who are seeking the perfect shape of the kitchen sink. With best quality materials, outstanding working, easy to handle features and an excellent price Badger 5 has served the needs without a single problem.InSinkErator Badger 5 Garbage Disposal Review

The story of the success of the badger 5 is gaining more and more applause from its users. Once badger 5 enters your home, there is little need of getting a new one after few years. It can stay in your homes under the kitchen sink without any problem. The user loves its silent action, efficient disposing and long life.

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For some users, the price is little high, yet the quality it is rendering compels the buyer to ignore this high price. It is not a big deal to pay much if you are getting the perfect cleaning of the kitchen sink. Badger 5 is also renowned for being easy to install. It is so simple to set it up. It neither requires too much of neither time, nor it requires any professional help for the first set up. The manufacturers have also added a heavy duty, heavy performer ½ HP motor. It is this motor that permits the grinding blades to crush the food scraps to the liquefied form. The badger 5 comes in such a great shape and size that makes it perfect for all kinds of septic tanks.

The user enjoys the easy to understand manual that comes along the disposal unit. The whole system can be comfortably installed and mounted. The grinding chamber is huge enough to accommodate a sufficient amount of scrap.


  • Hassle-less installment: For easy installation, the manufacturers have added the advantage of the Quick lock sink mount. It is with the help of this lock mount system the installation become easy, quick and stable.
  • The powerful motor: Badger 5 disposal unit operates with the help of a powerful ½ HP Durra-Drive induction motor. The motor generates high-speed movements that lead to the fast grinding.
  • Spacious grinding chamber: With a capacity of 26 ounces the grinding chamber can hold a sufficiently huge quantity of food waste. The disposal unit works great in a home for a small family.
  • Can be attached to the dishwasher: If you prefer washing in the dishwater, then don’t worry.  The Badger 5 is fitted with an inlet connection. This allows the unit to work effectively with the dishwashers of all kinds.
  • Anti-jamming features: If anything clogs the unit is no longer a problem. The design is so well created that by merely using the jam buster wrench a jam can be comfortably removed.
  • Sturdy design: The disposal unit is made out of high-quality, sturdy materials. The stainless steel structure reduces the chances of corrosion and rusting.

  •  Can be bought for a reasonable price.
  • Has a comfortable size to get settled under all kinds of the sink.
  • Hassle-free set up.
  • Has an effective two-year warranty.


  • Makes sounds while in action.
  • Does not include any power cord.
  • Some users complained about leakage.


The limitations are there, yet the advantages and features have no match. They make great kitchen accessory that is loved by those seeking a perfect kitchen shape. It is a warrior for the food wastes.

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