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Moen GXP50C GX PRO Garbage Disposal Review

Moen GXP50C GX PRO Garbage Disposal ReviewMoen GX Pro GXP50C ½ HP garbage disposal weights just 7.8 pounds. Its dimensions are 5.4”x5.4”x13.4 inches. This garbage disposal every day attacks the food waste with perfection and keeps your kitchen sink clean. It has a vortex high-speed permanent magnet motor. The motor is powerful enough to cater the needs of removing all kinds of food scraps. Whether you are throwing away the fruit and vegetable peels or you are trying to get rid of hardest bones, the e Moen GX Pro GXP50C 1/2 horsepower best garbage disposal can do it very well. It might not weigh much but with a light weight of only 7.8 pounds and dimensions 5.4″ x 5.4″ x 13.4 inches it can do anything.

The garbage disposal reviews are self-speaking of the significance of this boss. The gusto feature is added to remove the garbage without any problem. As the scrap is being removed, the sink will remain completely tidy and clean. The Vortex magnetic motor creates a high speed of about 2600 rpm. If you are tired of the mounting system, then the solution rests with it once again.

The Moen GX comes with Universal Xpress Mount-System that makes it easier to install it under your sink. It just requires little twisting and locking under the sink to start with clearing the scrap from your kitchen sink. If you are a style lover, then the streamlined body would catch your eyes at once, compelling you to bring it to your home.

If you love to save your money and power, then again this best moen garbage disposal creation will come as a savior. Moen has never disappointed its customers both new and old with its performance over the sink, under the sink and around the sink. It gives the world the best faucets. In this disposal unit, it has added lightweight features so that it is easy to manage.


  • Vortex Motor: 1/2 hp vortex motor gives the best grinding power that is required for all kinds of foods. It is complemented by the galvanized steel body that gives the perfect results.
  • Continuous feeding operation: There is no need to worry that how much scrap is there in the kitchen sink. The continuous feeding process has made it possible to keep the sink clean throughout the time you are working in the kitchen. The system comes with a reliable galvanized steel body.
  • Easy mounting: Who would not like to have a system that is perfect in all ways? Mounting, installation and set up all are gruesome tasks that are made easier by the addition of the best Universal Xpress Mount.
  • Anti-jamming high speed: Usually the larger food chunks are problematic to remove. A high speed of 2600 RPM by virtue of the Vortex magnetic motor has changed this impossible to possible. vortex disposal with a jam reducing permanent magnet motor.
  • Speedy action
  • Easy to install
  • Sleek and smart design to go with every kitchen
  • 5-year warranty assurance
  • Makes loud noises
  • Expensive than similar products
  • Rubber ring at the bottom hinders the flow


Reasonable price, beautiful design and perfect results are what the essential element of this Moen GX PRO is. With its outstanding features, you can comfortably add it to your kitchen in the home or the eating place of your office. With GX Pro series Garbage disposal is no more a problem.

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