Waste King L-3300 Garbage Disposal Review

Are you tired of the mess created by the waste disposal unit in your kitchen?

Are you thinking to replace your disposal unit with something new?

In both the cases Waste King L-3300 can be a great choice.

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This disposal unit has become a household name in the world of disposal units.

The Waste King L-3300 Legend Series ¾ HP Continuous Feed Operation Garbage Disposal is appreciated for some latest features added to it. A speedy motor, less noise, excellent speed, and sturdy built all come along with this Legend Series L-3300.

This can be a real-life experience for those who are looking for some perfect disposal experience. There is no need to worry about the disposals of the organic food scrap for the best solution rests with Waste King Legend L-3300.

Waste King L-3300 Garbage Disposal Review

As compared to its other models, this L-3300 is comparatively more massive and bulkier best waste king garbage Disposal unit. With a powerful ¾ HP motor it is possible to grind all kinds of food scraps at a top speed of 2,700 rpm.

Being the continuous garbage disposal, it keeps working continuously without delaying the removal of wastage. Once bought and installed under the kitchen sink the buyer cannot stop himself from admiring the sharp stainless steel swivel impellers.

The impellers cut away the scraps the scrap so quickly that there is little or no chance that any of the scarps will be let to jam the unit.

The splash guard, on the other hand, keeps away all kinds of mess from the kitchen. For those who want a peaceful working environment, this Waste King L-3300 has food news in the shape of the quiet cleaning operation.

The components are so well insulated that the user would not be bothered by slightest noise while he is at work in the kitchen or attending a phone call. The nylon/glass crafted grinding chamber is completely corrosion free.

The company replaces the one affected by corrosion with a completely new set and of courses not charges a single penny for this.

King Waste is the best friend of the eco-lovers and the clean home freaks. It has all the basic requirements of a customer. It has won the hearts not by mere style and look but by complete perfection in its working and performance. It adds life to the kitchen sink and keeps the people in the home healthy and fit.

The features

  • Excellent grinding strength: Who would not like to save time and water both the speedy grinding of Waste King L-3300? Fitted with Vortex permanent magnet motor it gives unmatched speed to ground the scrapper
  • Stress-free installation: It would not take much of your time in installation now. With the added quick and easy mounting mechanism along with the sufficiently long power cord, it is not difficult to manage the entire installation comfortably.
  • Effective Splash Guard: It is fitted with the removable splash guard. It can keep the space around the sink clean and on the other hand, can be cleaned thoroughly too.
  • Lifelong warranty: There is no need to worry about them in-use The manufacturers send this product with a lifetime warranty against corrosion. While they give a 10-year warranty against all kinds of technical and mechanical losses.
  • High-speed 2700 r.p.m.ensured by the Vortex powered permanent magnet motor.
  • Deals with more food scrap.
  • Corrosion and rust free grinding components.
  • Improved sound insulation.
  • Reset button fitted on the front side.
  • Little noisy on the first use.
  • Difficult to fit the rubber flange around the sink opening.
  • Not possible to hard wire.

The conclusion 

Best garbage disposal units are becoming part and parcel of our lives. It is difficult to think of a day without these units. They are a dream come true for the environment lovers. Waste King L-3300 has proved its worth in a very little time. With sophisticated features, user-friendly installation and the lifetime warranty it has become possible to get the sink cleaned perfectly and in no time. With few drawbacks, one cannot ignore the actual working of the unit that is undoubtedly the best in all respects.

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