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Waste King Legend Series L-111 Garbage Disposal Review

Waste King Legend Series units are becoming a reliable means of keeping all kinds of kitchen sinks perfectly clean.

A number of brands are available in this regard. Several manufacturers are in the competition of creating the top garbage disposal unit.

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Last updated on 12/05/2021 2:00 PM

One such name that is renowned for some outstanding disposals is the Waste King. Out of the best creations from the home of Waste King one trusted name is that of Waste King Legend series L-111.

It falls under the category of the continuous feed garbage disposal units. Like its other products, the manufacturers have added some astounding features to L-111.

The more massive power cord measuring 36 inches in total along with the mess-free splash guard and compact size is not less than a blessing for the garbage disposal users. The manufacturers have put in their maximum effort to win the confidence of the users by giving a long-term warranty.Waste King Legend L-111 Garbage Disposal

For style loving homemakers it is essential to grab all appliances and domestic accessories that match their interiors completely.

The kitchen is not an exception.

From cutlery to glasses to all electronic appliances everything has to be chosen very carefully.

Choosing the perfect best garbage disposal unit also becomes difficult for such homemakers. They want a perfect style, built, design and color.

The Waste King L-111 has made the task easier. It gives exactly what a style freak is looking for. Besides an eye-catching appearance, it is made out of extremely durable materials that can survive your kitchen chores for a long time.

The sturdy and high-quality stainless steel body and grinding components are not likely to corrode with time. The extremely vigilant tech-minds have created a perfect garbage disposal unit with utmost precision and care to leave behind no room for any flaw.

Best Waste King Garbage Disposals

Besides the beautiful exterior, it has equally amazing internal features too. The powerful motor of 1/3 HP can help in generating the movements of the grinding parts at a fast speed of 1,900 rpm.

Thus, it is no exaggeration to state that the unit is capable of reducing all kinds of food scraps into the minimal size that flushes out without any unnecessary jamming of the parts due to the clogged scrap.

You would not be bothered by the disturbing noises too that are generated in other disposal units.

The product is readily available in all markets and can be bought easily from online shops as well.

The features

  • Compact size: Nothing can be more fascinating than compact If you want to have some extra space under your sinks, then it is better to choose L-111. The unit is built in such a way that the small size makes it appropriate for all kinds of sinks. It won’t take much space.
  • No installation hassle: For not too technical users this unit has an easy to install option. Without consuming a great deal of time and without using extra tools you can easily get the unit installed.
  • Long time warranty: 2 years in-home warranty gives you the comfort of unit repairing in your home. There is no need to go out or remove the unit to get it back to work.
  • Corrosion free built: The entire unit and especially the grinding chamber and the drain housing are made of high quality and long lasting corrosion-free
  • Affordability: The unit comes at a price much less than many similar products.
  • Hassle free installment
  • Compact and small size to fix under all kinds of kitchen sinks.
  • Reliable stainless steel components.
  • Good quality in reasonable rates
  • Too small for some kitchens
  • Removal of splash guard required in some sinks.

The conclusion

Among the similar products, this Waste King L-111 stands out as one of the most astounding units. It has all the features that a kitchen cleanliness freak is looking for at a reasonable price. The manufacturers have ensured quality and reliability with the best-added features. The Amazon rating is evident of the fact that Waste King L-111 has become the part of the domestic lives of several families who are seeking the best disposal. It is the best option available for the great kitchen makers. Cook safely in the perfectly clean surroundings.

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