Whirlpool GC1000XE Garbage Disposal Review

If you want an easy to use and easy to install a garbage disposal system for your kitchen?

Then Whirlpool GC1000XE 1/3 HP in Sink Disposer is the one for your kitchen.

Pick Whirlpool GC1000XE in Discounted Price

This is the United States manufactured garbage disposal which is compatible with all the septic tank systems, and it has all the possible features which a good food waste disposer has.

Its main features are durability, quiet operation and a one year warranty given by the manufacturer.

It consists of a strong 1/3 HP motor which reaches the value of 1,725 rotations per minute and can easily handle the waste output of a family of 2-4 persons.

The insulated components of Whirlpool GC1000XE minimize or eliminate the noise output. Interestingly you can easily chat with anybody in the next room without shouting when this disposal is working.

Whirlpool provides you with a one year warranty against the material and mechanical defects. Whirlpool will also replace your unit without any charges if any problem develops.Whirlpool GC1000XE Garbage Disposal Review

Whirlpool GC1000XE also increases the continuous feed operation which prevents jamming and clogging.

For keeping the food disposal process, there are a seamless Whirlpool GC1000XE consists of an overload protector along with a manual reset button.

This unique feature is present in all the best garbage disposals of Whirlpool which not only protects the unit but also protects your home’s plumbing.

Best Whirlpool Garbage Disposal is one of the pioneers in the world of reliable home appliances.

For years it has been giving the world the best creations. It has not disappointed the globe with the disposal units.

The performance reaches its peak with the GC1000 XE. The disposal has proved that Whirlpool is a lifelong partner for the homemakers all over the globe.

It is the continuation of its quality. Whirlpool gives what it promises. It is not merely worded; it is an action that speaks of the worth of the products by Whirlpool. Getting GC1000XE is the solution to some mind-boggling kitchen sink issues.


  • Size – In its features on top of all is its compact size. It has a height of 13.6 and a decimeter of 7.6 inches. With these dimensions, it becomes an ideal option for deep set sinks or if you have a lot of storing space under your kitchens sinks.
  • Motor – The most important thing which everybody checks in the garbage disposals are the grinding capabilities. It consists of a 1/3 HP powerful motor which is capable of reaching 1,700 rpm. It cuts the food into fine cuttings which are easily flushed down the drain without needing to stop and check for clogs after every few minutes.
  • Components – Most of the components of Whirlpool GC1000XE are made up of stainless. These components include the grinding chamber, frame and the shredder ring. These stainless steel components are durable and are resistant to corrosion and also contribute to making the last for longer.
  • Galvanized steel make
  • Minimum jamming
  • Less time consuming
  • Powerful motor
  • Too small for large family residences.
  • Power cord not included


All the features of Whirlpool GC1000XE Garbage Disposer advertised by Whirlpool work the same way they should make it a quiet, durable and efficient garbage disposal for your kitchen. Its strong and powerful 1/3 HP motor is extraordinary, and it can be installed very easily without taking much of your time. Whenever there is a problem with the unit, then there is nothing to worry about because Whirlpool provides the customers with a 1-year warranty and will replace the unit free of cost if needed.

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